Version: 2:1.9.6-2

On Tue 2016-11-15 05:11:28 +0900, Paul Gevers wrote:
> On my up-to-date stretch setup, enigmail was suddendly broken today. Suddenly
> enigmail shows me a pop-up:
> Enigmail: Error in accessing Enigmail service In order to use Enigmail, GnuPG 
> is required. If you did not install GnuPG yet, the easiest way to do this is 
> using the "Setup Wizard" button below.
> When I follow the wizard, taking the default answers, it ends with:
> Enigmail requires GnuPG for doing the cryptographic work. The wizard tried to 
> locate the GnuPG executable, but it could not be found.
> Please locate GnuPG using the Browse button.
> When I point it at either gpg or gpg2 it complains:
> The file you specified is not a GnuPG executable. Please specify a different 
> file.

This is an upstream bug, and it should be fixed with 1.9.6-2.  thanks
for your report!


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