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Paul Wise posted this link in #debian-mozext: [1].

The most significant thing for us is that from Firefox 57, expected late
2017, non-WebExtension addons will not be loaded.

There are a couple of things we have to determine:

1. Will firefox-esr be updated to version 57 or later during stretch's
lifetime?  Looking at the timeline,[2] we can expect an ESR release with
version number at least 57 in March 2018.  So I think the answer is yes.

We should probably come up with a strategy for xul-ext-* packages in
stretch before that date.  Is it likely the stable release team will
accept new versions of addons that convert them to webextensions?  Or
will we just have to ask them to remove all xul-ext-* packages from
stretch as soon as firefox-esr >=57 is uploaded to stable?

2. Is the structure of webextensions addons the same as the structure of
the old addons?  I.e. do we have to update mozilla-devscripts in order
to package them?  Maybe someone on this list already knows the answer to
this question.

[1]  https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2016/11/23/add-ons-in-2017/
[2]  https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/faq/

Sean Whitton

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