Dear Mantas,

On Sat, Mar 18, 2017 at 09:17:45AM +0200, Mantas Baltix wrote:
> Please don't wait until after pre-release freeze, please move huge
> video (.webm) files from /doc/media/ and images from /doc/benchmarks/
> to separate -doc package ASAP, it would be very nice if you update
> package at least in git:
> Then Ubuntu and other Debian-derivatives could update ublock-origin
> packages using your packaging code from pkg-mozext git, for example
> I'm planing to include xul-ext-ublock-origin package by default in
> next Baltix GNU/Linux distribution version, to be released this month.
> Also you can upload updated ublock-origin packages to Debian
> experimental to work around pre-release freeze.

Note that Ubuntu pulls from Debian unstable, not experimental.

Please see the doc-split branch of the packaging git repo.  I haven't
tested it!

Sean Whitton

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