On Wed 2017-05-24 16:16:22 +0100, Robert Jäschke wrote:
> Version: 2:1.8.2-4~deb8u1
> After the migration from Icedove to Thunderbird, the enigmail package still
> depends on Icedove. That means, deinstalling the icedove package deinstalls
> enigmail and installing enigmail then again requires installation of Icedove:
> This is not a big issue, since Thunderbird also works with the icedove 
> package,
> but it is a bit annoying, since Thunderbird is then named "Icedove ->
> Thunderbird" in the GUI.

fwiw, i don't think this is a problem in the enigmail source package
itself, but rather it's drawn from what's available in
mozilla-devscripts during package build.

it's possible that a binary-only rebuild would resolve the explicit
dependency, but a better approach might be to try to put 1.9.7-2
directly into jessie.


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