Hi Carsten--

Thank you very much for your work for keeing thunderbird ESR up-to-date
in debian.  Sorry that enigmail is an ongoing problem for that work.

On Fri 2017-07-28 10:56:48 +0200, Carsten Schoenert wrote:
> We need some auto testing stuff that will help to discover such problems
> early as there are also some other typical extensions that maybe break
> by every new ESR version of Thunderbird.

I think this is a great idea.  I wrote mail to the enigmail mailing list
earlier this month to see whether there was any existing work we could
piggy-back off of:


I got some interesting pointers/suggestions in response, but no specific

I'd welcome help from anyone who wants to write a full-stack test that
we could use for an enigmail autopkgtest, though.

I'm imagining an autopkgtest that does (at least) the following:

 * sets up a local MTA (postfix?)
 * sets up a local IMAP server (dovecot?)
 * creates accounts Alice and Bob on both servers
   - both accounts should be able to send and receive mail
 * creates two thunderbird profiles (maybe using different system user 
 * triggers the enigmail setup process on both accounts
 * exchanges keys between the accounts (how?)
 * Alice sends encrypted mail to Bob
 * Bob reads encrypted mail

With that in place, we could talk about embellishing the test suite to
include things like attachments, multiparty mail, etc.

Does this seem feasible/useful?  Is anyone interested in working on this
with me?

> Hopefully we find some time to talk about that all at DebCamp/DebConf?

Sadly, i won't make it to debconf this year.


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