On Wed 2017-08-09 13:04:53 +0200, Paul van der Vlis wrote:
> Maybe think about it. A message after the upgrade of Enigmail would be
> an simple alternative.

You mean a message printed out after installation, say, from apt on the
console?  or displayed via debconf?  or sent to the system desktop
notification bus?

Or should enigmail detect when it's in this state and suggest to the
user what to do?

Do you have specific recommendations for the text, or for when such an
announcement should pop up?  It seems like ideally enigmail would just
fix things automatically (or offer the user a button that says "fix
things please").  but the part i fear about that is the risk of breaking
some other part of the user's configuration.

Concrete suggestions for what should be done would be helpful.

>> But really, users should be encouraged to upgrade to stretch :)
> I have many customers who buy a laptop with Debian from me, but do not
> come when there is a new version. And organizations what cannot upgrade
> before much testing. Jessie has security support, and that is important.

I understand, However, jessie security support will not last forever,
there are other important security projects for maintaining stretch, and
stretch has several (many!) useful improvements, so i'm not going to
stop encouraging people to upgrade :)

I welcome specific suggestions to improve the situation on jessie (and code
i can test is even better!)

thanks for persisting with this to try to help get it sorted out!  sorry
for the teething pains.



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