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On Wed 2017-08-09 01:21:38 +0200, Stiepan Aurélien Kovac wrote:
> seems to have broken enigmail support, at least on the ppc (powerpc64) arch.

I don't think this is a ppc-specific issue -- nothing in the current
version of enigmail is debian-specific.  I also think your issue has
more to do with enigmail and thunderbird on jessie itself.  Your
situation i think has more to do with https://bugs.debian.org/870073
than with https://bugs.debian.org/869774.

> "enigmail is incompatible with thunderbird 45.8.0" (shows up in add-ons 
> manager)

This makes it look like you haven't upgraded thunderbird on your jessie
installation.  the version of thunderbird available from
security.debian.org is 1:52.2.1-4~deb8u1. (see:

If you are running jessie, please:

 * upgrade to the supported version of thunderbird that has security

 * ensure that you have "use-agent" in your ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf

 * ensure that gnome-keyring is not presenting a gpg-agent interface
   (see https://bugs.debian.org/870073 for more discussion about
   thunderbird and enigmail on debian jessie)



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