I stumbled over the same bug and could verify the described behaviour:

* Setting locale to C.UTF-8 leads to an empty message window after

* Setting locale to e.g. de_DE.utf8 fixes the problem.

* Patrick's patch fixes the issue for me with C.UTF-8 as well.

On Wed, 12 Jul 2017 08:44:22 +0200 Patrick Brunschwig
<patr...@enigmail.net> wrote:
> > The line you're getting an error on was definitely changed between 1.9.7
> > and 1.9.8 (it was changed in 30c1fe69a7c62007f925d760efc832884aed4412,
> > which overhauls the time calculations).

For me, these Versions are broken:

 2: 990
 2: 500

This version is ok:

 2:1.9.7-2 500

-- bbu

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