Hello Yao Wei,

Thank you for working on this.

On Mon, Aug 21 2017, Yao Wei wrote:

> 1. Should we use different prefix for the WebExtensions packages that
> support different browsers?
> I think webext- prefix can be good for this kind of packages.
> 2. Should we split the package for different browsers?
> There's current efforts packaging ublock-origin for both chromium and
> xul-ext.  However shifting to WebExtensions implies that the codebase
> will be the same.  To save disk space and lower the security risk not
> to split the main package could be good.  Some of the
> browser-dependent files can be splitted to their dedicated packages.

David Prévot and I looked into this during DebCamp.  You can find our
attempt on the webext branch of ublock-origin's alioth repository.

We thought it would be better just to have all packages use the prefix
webext-, installing to something like /usr/share/webext/foo, and then
create a symlink into /usr/share/firefox if the extension works in
Firefox, and into /usr/share/chromium if the extension works with

Do you think this would work?

Sean Whitton

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