Control: severity -1 serious

Dear maintainers of xul-ext-gcontactsync

On Sat, Mar 25, 2017 at 12:48:04PM -0700, Brian Vaughan wrote:
> Package: xul-ext-gcontactsync
> Version: 2.0.5-1
> Severity: normal
> Dear Maintainer,
> icedove is now a transitional package for thunderbird. xul-ext-gcontactsync
> works with thunderbird without issue; however the dependency information does
> not list thunderbird, so the icedove transitional package must be installed in
> order to use xul-ext-gcontactsync with thunderbird.
>     Provides: gcontactsync, iceape-gcontactsync, icedove-gcontactsync
>     Depends: icedove (>= 17.0) | iceape (>= 2.14)
>     Breaks: iceape (>> 2.35+), iceape (<< 2.14), icedove (<< 17.0)
>     Enhances: iceape, icedove
> Also, many of the files for this package are installed under
> '/usr/lib/icedove/extensions'.

starting with uploading src:thunderbird 1:52.5.0-1 there no transitional
packages like icedove* or iceowl* buils anymore. So the package
xul-ext-gcontactsync is depending on a binary package icedove which
isn't existing any longer in unstable.

I raised the severity for xul-ext-gcontactsync to serious as this
prevents now the migration of thunderbird packages to testing. Please
upload a rebuild package with adjusted description as mentioned by
Brain of xul-ext-gcontactsync. I guess you can also drop the patch from
the debian/patches folder.


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