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in the past days I've worked on importing the recent beta version 58.0b3
of Thunderbird into the packaging tree and adjust the packaging to get
proper created and working packages based on this upstream version. I
uploaded this version to experimental [1] right now and the buildd shout
start to work soon on this upload.

As this is a first version of Thunderbird for Debian with the new
introduced webextension interface I suspect a lot of existing xul-ext-*
package do not working well with this version of Thunderbird.

As far I could figure out the current version of Enigmail in unstable
isn't working with the uploaded version of Thunderbird, a local
installed nightly version 2.0a2pre is doing the job again.

I also needed to disable xul-ext-dispmua and xul-ext-compactheader as
those extensions are not working together in TB 58.0. I don't know if
there are more recent versions available which working again with TB 58
and greater.
But there some more xul-ext packages out there which need to be updated
or at least detected as not working so src:thunderbird can add a Breaks
on the non working versions. There I need some help.

I also needed to add a symlink from /u/l/t/extensions to
/u/s/xul-ext/calendar-google-provider to get this add-on working. This
add-on is packaged by mozilla-devscript inside the Debian build. I
suspect m-d needs some rework to also work with the new webextension
interface. Sebastian Noack already raised this question last year on
pkg-mozext-maintainers [1].
I'm not really familiar with the new webextension interface so for sure
the packaging of calendar-google-provider will need some more
adjustments in future uploads as well. Help in doing this is appreciated.

I tried to build this version with GCC7 (again) but this is resulting
again in a not usable Thunderbird binary, the UI isn't really visible
than and make Thunderbird impossible to use. So I keep staying on a
build with GCC6 like also done for unstable/testing.

I turn on the usage of libnspr4, libnss3 and libsqlight3, the versions
of those library are recent enough to get Thunderbird built. libicu
hasn't start the transition yet so I use the embedded source to built a
own version of the icudat* file.

So I'd like to call by this email to test the current prepared
Thunderbird version and also the existing xult-ext add-ons in the archive.

Feel free to open bug reports about issues you have found, please keep
them tagged by a usertag 'tb-webextension' with the user e.g. using the bts command.

> $ bts user , usertags <$bugnumber> 
> tb-webextension

As some of you may know, the next ESR version of Thunderbird will be
version 60, targeted for 2018-05-08. I plan to upload new beta versions
of Thunderbird until Mozilla has reached a first final version 60.0. The
current release plan for the next versions can be found on their Rapid
Release Calendar [3].

I will travel to FOSDEM again this year, so if someone wants to meet me
and talk about the packaging (or other stuff) just ping via email.


Carsten Schoenert

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