as the shutdown of Alioth will come one day I started a group Debian
Mozilla on Salsa.


I also imported the existing git packaging tree for Thunderbird
(previously Icedove) and pushed the changes for 1:52.6.0-1 into.

I'm currently unsure how to proceed with the old l10n packaging tree for
icedove-l10n and iceowl as booth repositories are history for some time
and not used for over two years now. But even for historical reasons I
look into both from time to time.

We could also add subgroups for Firefox, Thunderbird, Mozext,
Webextensions etc. so all Mozilla related packaging would be collected
into one logical place. I'd prefer that. For Thunderbird I will do
create a subgroup on preparing the next ESR version.

If someone wants to join the group feel free to request access, I'm also
lazy about member permissions for DDs.

Carsten Schoenert

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