Hi all,

I've been playing around with browser extensions and making them work on
chromium and firefox aka web extension. In the process I noticed that there are
two different way of getting chromium extension enabled already in use. One is
to set the extension as managed by putting a policy file into
/etc/chromium/policies/managed, the other is a load-extension flag via

First of all I think we should come to an agreement which way to use and not
have different packages use different way. Unless of course there is a reason
for that that I failed to see so far.

And second, the policy file seems to be tricky. The package I am working on
also comes with one and as soon as I drop that into the directory the
chrome-gnome-shell is no longer loaded, meaning the way these files are, they
seem to be exclusive. Adding the information from both files into one makes
both extensions fly, but I don't see any currenty mechanism to establish that
making installing more packages rather difficult.


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