First of all, yes I still have this problem with vlc/testing. Using
vlc/stable is fine.

> We've had several report from people affected by this bug that using the
> official ffmpeg libraries (libavcodec, libavformat, libswscale,
> libpostproc) and checking that libavutil50 is not installed fixes this
> bug.

Can you be more specific? When I try to remove libavutil50 from my
system I have 109 packages that needs to be removed (vlc, gnome-office,
xine, inkscape...), so I definitely can't remove it.

I have deleted the* from lib. The bug what still there.

> Could the reporters still experiencing the bug with -V x11 or -V xv test
> and report if it's still broken once libavutil50 is removed and official
> libav* packages are used.

Here you need to be more specific. As I said remove libavutil50 seems
quite challenging and what do you call official libav* packages? Isn't
libavutil50 official?



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