Od: Free Ekanayaka <fr...@debian.org>

JM> Just one other concern ... Should be jconv renamed to jconvolver to not be
JM> confusing?
JM> If so how to do it?

FE> Unless there's a very compelling reason for doing so, I'd rather not
FE> because that would probably require to provide transitional dummy
FE> packages (okay, the package was not in Lenny, so this is not
FE> super-critical, but still nice to do).


There was a typo in my post...
correction...  "Should be jconv repo renamed ..."
oh.. package is already renamed to jconvolver ... I didn't realize that it 
brings such difficulties.
I asked on ML what I should be aware if I consider rename package... no 
so I thought it is not problematic

what now?



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