Dmitrijs Ledkovs <> writes:

> Hello DD's
> Please sponsor new revision of a52dec.
> 1) Hopefully I generated changelog with git-dch correctly
> 2) There is warning from lintian about man pages. I cannot currently
> reproduce it outside chroot and still looking for ways to fix it.
> git clone git://

First of all, thanks to you and Fabian work updating the package,
espc. for experimenting with dpkg source Format 3 (quilt).

While trying to build the source package, I noticed that when doing a
`git-buildpackage -S`, the quilt patches will get applied during
building the source package. However, they will not be unapplied during
this process but remain as untracked changes in the branch.

Is this really the intended way? TBH, I have doubts, and would find it
more natural if the patches would be applied to the debian branch then,
as it would retain the invariant that a git checkout produces a similar
view of the source as a 'dpkg-source -x' on the produced source package.

(not a blocker for sponsoring this package, but still something we
should agree on, as I do not want different packages in this team to
behave differently in this aspect.)

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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