Am / On Wed, 9 Dec 2009 21:53:26 +0100
schrieb (Adrian Knoth):

> I've now managed to build a non-crashing version. Can you try the
> attached patch? It basically boils down to removing a single line in
> libs/vamp-plugins/SConscript, so you could also "patch" this manually.
> With this patch, I'm also getting beautiful FFT graphs. ;)

Hi Adrian,

I've applied the patch to my local checkinstall debpatched
ardourvst-package (rev 6268) as well as to ardour-packages built
from (rev 6077) and both seem to work fine now:

I get these 'beautiful FFT graphs' and when the auto-analyze-option is
set to true, missing percussiononsets-files are built in die
analysis-subdirectory of the session while reopening it.

So I think, you can upload the patch!

(Only to explain: I use rev 6268 from for
my local builts of Ardour 2.8.4. because rev 6077 as used in Debian for
2.8.4. doesn't work with vst-support; bad EXE format-problem, see:

Thanks for your fast help!


Klaus-M. Klingsporn   

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