I've just talked to Paul Davis, ardour author:

15:11 < las> -------------
15:11 < las> paul[186]>c++filt 
15:11 < las> _ZTIN4Vamp17PluginAdapterBaseE
15:11 < las> typeinfo for Vamp::PluginAdapterBase
15:11 < las> paul[187]>c++filt 
15:11 < las> _ZTIN11_VampPlugin4Vamp17PluginAdapterBaseE
15:11 < las> typeinfo for _VampPlugin::Vamp::PluginAdapterBase
15:11 < las> ------------------
15:12 < las> adi: the vamp plugins in the ardour source tree are based on a 
             vamp library version with different (newer, i think) namespaces 
             than the one in your syslibs
15:12 < las> adi: you can't mix & match this stuff
15:13 < adi> That's what I suspected. When I diff the header files, our local 
             one misses one (probably important) line.
15:14 < adi> _VAMP_SDK_HOSTSPACE_BEGIN(PluginLoader.h)
15:15 < adi> That one is missing, also the HOSTSPACE_END line at the end.
15:15 < adi> IOW, updating the VAMP libs in Debian should be the better option?
15:15 < las> adi: this is precisely the kind of reason why the syslibs thing is 
             an issue. if you are going to use syslibs, the real patch needs to 
             be to NOT build and use the vamp plugins within ardour
15:16 < las> adi: that mini-library exists because ardour only actually needs a 
             2 or 3 VAMP plugins and it seemed easier to include them with the 
             program since they are not really "optional"

So we need a newer VAMP SDK in Debian. After that, this intermediate
patch can be removed:


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