This might be interested for the xbmc package...

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On 11960 March 1977, Charles Plessy wrote:

> In the following message sent on debian-devel
> (<>), it has been suggested that we
> repack upstream original source archives when they contain generated files in
> order to ease your work. Can you confirm or infirm whether you have a
> preference?

No preference.
Also, there are various kinds of those files:
 - For the autocrap generated ones, you sure want to keep them.
 - The java .jars (or similar kind of) you want to make sure you rebuild
   them. If you have to repack anyways, then kick em out makes the whole
   thing more clear, but if not, noone will force you. Just make sure you
   do not use those that are in the tarball.
 - For things like .dll/.exe/whatever windows/mac/whateverothersystem
   binary files - if they take up lots of space it is much better to
   remove them. We have no use of em anyways.

Of course for all of them, even if not rebuilt due to not being
installed in .deb, make sure that the source to rebuilt them is there.

bye, Joerg
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