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  AK> On Sat, Dec 05, 2009 at 06:37:11PM +0100, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
  >>Hi Adrian,

  AK> Hi!

  AK> [jackd2]
  >>Great job! I've been trying it and looks very stable. Do you think it's
  >>possible to activate the mixed 32/64 bits support? It lets people

  AK> I did this:


  AK> There is one related question: the --mixed flag also builds an i386 lib
  AK> on amd64, hence the g++-multilib build-dependency.

  AK> This 32bit library isn't really needed, the user can always install the
  AK> native i386 lib in his chroot (or in parallel to /usr/lib32).

  AK> So I decided not to include the 32bit lib in the amd64 package, but
  AK> simply enable the amd64 jackd2 to talk to 32bit clients, that is,
  AK> programs that depend on libjack0-version-i386.deb (chroot or similar, as
  AK> already mentioned)

Thanks for having changed this! I'm not too convinced by the idea of not
including the 32bit library, I guess it would be handy for some users
and it wouldn't hurt the others.

However it's a good start already, so if you don't want to include the
lib for now, that's fine for me.



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