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  AK> On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 01:33:18PM +0100, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
  >>Hi Adrian,

  AK> Hi!

  >>Thanks for having changed this! I'm not too convinced by the idea of not
  >>including the 32bit library, I guess it would be handy for some users
  >>and it wouldn't hurt the others.

  AK> I must confess I'm not up-to-date about the current way of multiarch in
  AK> Debian. AFAIK, the chroot thing is only the last resort. Then, there was
  AK> a time with fat (multiarch) binaries (the Apple way), but this seems to
  AK> be abandoned. Or not, I don't know.

  AK> Then, there is some magic with ia32-apt-get which installs i386 packages
  AK> side-by-side on amd64 systems.

  AK> That's the approach I had in mind, and this would work: an amd64 user in
  AK> need for 32bit jack clients would have two libjack0 packages, one amd64
  AK> and one i386 version.

Oh, okay, I had misunderstood that then. I agree this would be a good
way to do it, and it's matching what some other packages already do.

  AK> I don't think there's consensus in Debian to automatically ship 32bit
  AK> libs in 64bit-packages, but if somebody has better knowledge, I'm happy
  AK> to add the four lines it'll take to support it.

I think the solution you described is the one mostly adopted.

There's no pressure to go for it right now though.



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