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>> But, since mplayer is still in NEW, we cannot fix this in debian right
>> now.
> So I see that mplayer has been sitting in new for 6 months now.  I take
> it the slowness is related to #552373 and the new stripping to add
> mencoder to main?

probably. needless to say that delaying acceptance of mplayer because of
this is ridiculous IMO.

> It is really a shame that mplayer is languishing with no updates for so
> long.  When all is said and done we can probably lay blame at the US
> patent system.  Our Supreme Court is looking at eliminating software
> patents altogether (see In Re Bilski in any search), and I think I can
> speak for everyone in saying I hope they succeed.
> Luckily we have the packages over at Debian Multimedia for now (which
> has addressed this bug).

Which unfortunately links against a copy of ffmpeg that utterly breaks
packages like vlc in debian. Please refrain from reporting bugs to
debian if you use these packages

> Any ETA for when this will be added to unstable?

Please address this question to ftpmaster, more specifically Joerg
Jaspert and/or the DPL.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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