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[Lots of stuff about jackd1 and jackd2]
> Did you discuss this with the JACK developers? 

I'm constantly discussing with the jack devs. Everything's fine. ;)

> Cause it's such a main app. Shouln't we change the name jackd to
> jack2 slowly? It is confusing when  an app has an name jack2 but is
> called jackd....

You're sure you understood my mail? Nothing is neither changed nor
renamed, not by us and not by upstream.

jackd1 is started by running /usr/bin/jackd

jackd2 is started by running /usr/bin/jackd

It simply depends on the version of the jack package, that's why it's a
drop-in replacement. 

That's why you can have qjackctl, and qjackctl doesn't care which jack
version is installed.

That's why ardour can launch jack and doesn't care about the version.

If you want, think of red and green cars. As long as you have one that
carries you from A to B, then there's no need to care for its colour.

I hope this clarifies the idea about the different jack versions. Here
are some links, so you can check yourself:




See? The second link is for jackd2, the third for jackd1. No real
difference. Drop-in replacement.


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