Fabian Greffrath wrote:
hjsalc...@aol.com schrieb:
as far as I understand build the missing codices should be build as

Yes, it *should* work as described (I tried it once and it worked) but I cannot stress enough that rebuilding an unstripped ffmpeg from the Debian sources is totally unsupported in Debian Lenny (and will stay so in future releases, BTW).

I tried the method as described by hjsalchow but found that whilst it produced some deb files for me they too had the codecs stripped out. The debian rules script is crafted to remove the codecs even if you use "get-orig-source".

I managed to recompile with the mpeg2 encoder enabled by editing debian/rules to stop it stripping out the codecs from the original source. I describe what I did in more detail here:


I'm sure there must be a more elegant way to do this but it worked for me. Hope this helps those who need mpeg2 and don't want to use packages from unstable on their system.


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