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> the last time I used ardour two days ago. I believe it was
> 1:2.8.4-1 - today after updating to 1:2.8.4-2 I can no longer
> launch the application. A downgrade does not help. Maybe its
> because a file changed that ardour uses but that is in another
> package.

We have to sort things out. I claim that it's not an ardour bug,
ardour's working fine over here and you say that downgrading doesn't fix
the bug, so it's very likely not ardour's fault.

I'll reassign the bug to the appropriate package once we know the

> Below valgrind output shows an invalid memory access while
> loading lv2 plugins. I am not aware that debian ships any of
> those though or that such plugins are installed on this
> system here.

We do have LV2 plugins in Debian, however, ardour's LV2 code is rather
stable. See below.

> ==29391== Jump to the invalid address stated on the next line
> ==29391==    at 0xC: ???
> ==29391==    by 0x58CEF8F: rasqal_engine_execute_init (in 
> /usr/lib/librasqal.so.1.0.0)
> ==29391==    by 0x58CA128: rasqal_query_execute (in 
> /usr/lib/librasqal.so.1.0.0)
> ==29391==    by 0x58A8781: ??? (in /usr/lib/librdf.so.0.0.0)
> ==29391==    by 0x58A5D49: librdf_query_execute (in /usr/lib/librdf.so.0.0.0)
> ==29391==    by 0x595A83D: slv2_world_load_specifications (in 
> /usr/lib/libslv2.so.9.2.0)
> ==29391==    by 0x595AE93: slv2_world_load_all (in /usr/lib/libslv2.so.9.2.0)
> ==29391==    by 0x424E262: ARDOUR::LV2World::LV2World() (in 
> /usr/lib/ardour2/libardour.so)
> ==29391==    by 0x4198453: ARDOUR::PluginManager::PluginManager() (in 
> /usr/lib/ardour2/libardour.so)
> ==29391==    by 0x41462D0: ARDOUR::init(bool, bool) (in 
> /usr/lib/ardour2/libardour.so)
> ==29391==    by 0x816080C: ARDOUR_UI::ARDOUR_UI(int*, char***) (in 
> /usr/lib/ardour2/ardour-2.8.4)
> ==29391==  Address 0xc is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) free'd

Here we go. As always, stack traces are bottom up. We see that ardour
calls some LV2 functions which are handled by libslv2. This library does
the whole LV2 discovery stuff.

Further up the stack trace, we see librdf executing a query, which is
then passed to librasqal.

Both libs, librdf and librasqal, have new versions in unstable since
yesterday, so I guess one of them is the culprit:



(new versions on 2009-12-17)

When I downgrade librdf0 to 1.0.9-3, ardour starts fine.

That's why I would say librdf0 is the real culprit here.

I'm now building ardour against new librdf0 to see if this fixes the
issue, but I don't think so. (libs are expected to be backward
compatible, that is, ardour built against librdf0-1.0.9 should run with

However, I'll CC the librdf0 maintainer, so he has the chance to do some
investigations himself.


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