FluidSynth upstream has finally released version 1.1.1 and I've almost
done the packaging. FluidSynth has not been a part of Debian Multimedia
historically, but it sure fits in nicely with Rosegarden, Jack and the
other packages we maintain here.

So, I see three options now:

1) I continue to maintain FluidSynth by myself, in that case I'll need a
sponsor, hopefully one of you DD's can help me out?

2) As above, but I update the maintainer to be Debian Multimedia
Maintainers and make myself an uploader instead.

3) In addition to the above, I start to use git as with most other
projects here, in that case I'll need some admin to make the initial
setup, or push (I assume?).

As I will probably, in practice, maintain it myself for the foreseeable
future, I don't really see the need for the git overhead. But I'll
adhere to your requirements if necessary ;-)

// David

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