E depths of his anguish). Candida! MARCHBANKS (aside, in a flash of
contempt). Coward! CANDIDA (significantly). I give myself to the weaker
of the two. Eugene divines her meaning at once: his face whitens like
steel in a furnace that cannot melt it. MORELL (bowing his head with the
calm of collapse). I accept your sentence, Candida. CANDIDA. Do you
understand, Eugene? MARCHBANKS. Oh, I feel I'm lost. He cannot bear the
burden. MORELL (incredulously, raising his bead with prosaic
abruptness). Do you mean, me, Candida? CANDIDA (smiling a little). Let
us sit and talk comfortably over it like three friends. (To Morell.) Sit
down, dear. (Morell takes the chair from the fireside--the children's
chair.) Bring me that chair, Eugene. (She indicates the easy chair. He
fetches it silently, even with something like cold strength, and places
it next Morell, a little behind him. She sits down. He goes to the sofa
and sits there, still silent and inscrutable. When they are all se

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