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it turns out that the many lintian errors went away by a change in

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This is an automatic notification regarding your Bug report
which was filed against the lintian package:

#557449: [checks/control-file] weak-library-dev-dependency too aggressive

It has been closed by Russ Allbery <>.

Their explanation is attached below along with your original report.
If this explanation is unsatisfactory and you have not received a
better one in a separate message then please contact Russ Allbery 
<> by
replying to this email.

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Source: lintian
Source-Version: 2.3.0

We believe that the bug you reported is fixed in the latest version of
lintian, which is due to be installed in the Debian FTP archive:

  to main/l/lintian/lintian_2.3.0.dsc
  to main/l/lintian/lintian_2.3.0.tar.gz
  to main/l/lintian/lintian_2.3.0_all.deb

A summary of the changes between this version and the previous one is

Thank you for reporting the bug, which will now be closed.  If you
have further comments please address them to,
and the maintainer will reopen the bug report if appropriate.

Debian distribution maintenance software
Russ Allbery <> (supplier of updated lintian package)

(This message was generated automatically at their request; if you
believe that there is a problem with it please contact the archive
administrators by mailing

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2009 18:38:10 -0800
Source: lintian
Binary: lintian
Architecture: source all
Version: 2.3.0
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Lintian Maintainers <>
Changed-By: Russ Allbery <>
 lintian    - Debian package checker
Closes: 528367 546174 548640 548819 548844 551793 552200 554025 554617 555667 
556022 556456 557120 557353 557449 557511 557530 557717 557786 557883 557971 
558214 558649 559625 560005 560053 560149 561720 562630
 lintian (2.3.0) unstable; urgency=low
   The "welcome Raphael Geissert!" release.
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added:
       - capitalization-error-in-description
         (split from spelling-error-in-description)
       - debian-rules-automatically-updates-control
       - duplicate-in-relation-field (pedantic)
       - duplicated-compressed-file
       - init.d-script-missing-dependency-on-local_fs (experimental)
       - init.d-script-missing-dependency-on-remote_fs (experimental)
       - obsolete-relation-form-in-source
       - ocaml-dangling-cmi
       - ocaml-dangling-cmx
       - ocaml-dangling-cmxa
       - ocaml-dangling-cmxs
       - ocaml-dev-file-in-nondev-package (pedantic)
       - ocaml-dev-file-not-in-usr-lib-ocaml (pedantic)
       - ocaml-meta-without-suggesting-findlib (pedantic)
       - ocaml-stray-cmo
       - spelling-error-in-manpage
     + Removed:
       - build-depends-without-arch-dep
   * checks/*:
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Tags instead of Tags.
   * checks/binaries{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Allow any RPATH containing $ORIGIN or ${ORIGIN}, not just the
       literal value $ORIGIN.  (Closes: #557511)
     + [ADB] Exempt all binary packages built from the zlib source from
       the embedded-zlib test, not just those with binary package names
       matching zlib.+.  Thanks, Mark Brown.
     + [RA] Spelling errors are no longer normalized to lowercase.
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [RA] Suppress latest-debian-changelog-entry-without-new-date if the
       distribution is UNRELEASED.  Thanks, Raphaël Hertzog.
       (Closes: #560149)
     + [RA] Also ignore too-long lines that consist of "See" followed by an
       unbreakable word.  Thanks, Jari Aalto.  (Closes: #560005)
     + [RA] Downgrade spelling tags to severity: minor.
   * checks/control-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Check for < and > version dependencies in debian/control since
       dpkg-source helpfully rewrites and fixes them in binary packages.
       Thanks, Jakub Wilk.  (Closes: #557971)
     + [RA] Add a pedantic check for duplicates in relation fields in
       debian/control prior to the fixes applied by dpkg-dev.  Thanks,
       Nelson A. de Oliveira.  (Closes: #548819)
     + [RA] Fix a typo that skipped checks on the Build-Conflicts field.
     + [RA] Rework weak-library-dev-dependency to allow more approaches to
       bounding the shared library version.  Skip complex cases with or'd
       dependencies and assume the maintainer knows what they're doing.
       Add more explanation to the long tag description.  Thanks, Reinhard
       Tartler and Mike Hommey.  (Closes: #557449)
   * checks/copyright-file.desc:
     + [RA] Downgrade spelling-error-in-copyright to minor and mention
       false positive possibilities and an override in the tag description.
   * checks/cruft:
     + [RA] Allow an automake or libtool dependency in Build-Depends-Indep
       to also satisfy the check for outdated helper files.  Thanks,
       Guillaume Delacour.  (Closes: #557530)
     + [RA] Ignore files in .pc, created by unpacking 3.0 (quilt) packages.
       Thanks, Ahmed El-Mahmoudy.  (Closes: #556022)
   * checks/debian-readme.desc:
     + [RA] Downgrade spelling tag to severity: minor.
   * checks/description{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Downgrade spelling tag to severity: minor.
     + [RA] Split capitalization-error-in-description to a separate tag and
       downgrade its certainty to wild-guess.
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Re-order the fields of build-depends-on-build-essential so that
       all of the descriptive text is included.  Thanks, Jonathan Wiltshire.
       (Closes: #557786)
     + [RA] For lib-recommends-documentation, exclude packages ending in
       -tools or -bin.  Thanks, Jay Berkenbilt.  (Closes: #557883)
     + [RA] Warn of build dependencies on python*-dev if no architecture-
       dependent packages are being built.  Patch from Luca Falavigna.
       (Closes: #551793)
     + [RA] Add emacs22 to obsolete emacs versions.  Thanks, Sven Joachim.
       (Closes: #560053)
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [RA] New check for files present in both compressed and uncompressed
       form.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #546174)
     + [RA] Allow /etc/sudoers.d files to be mode 0440 as recommended by
       sudo.  Thanks, Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #557353)
   * checks/huge-usr-share{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Increase the thresholds to 2MB (over 50%) and 4MB (any
       percentage), and mention the thresholds in the tag description.
       Thanks, Christoph Egger.  (Closes: #561720)
   * checks/init.d{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add checks for missing dependencies on $local_fs or $remote_fs
       based on what files appear to be used in the init scripts.  Patch
       from Raphael Geissert.  (Partly addresses #405454)
   * checks/manpages{,.desc}:
     + [RG] Check for spelling errors in English manpages.
   * checks/manpages.desc:
     + [RA] Clarify the long description of hyphen-used-as-minus-sign.
       Note that Debian groff is currently patched to avoid this problem,
       but hopefully that divergence can be removed.  Reference
       groff-base's README.Debian for more information.  (Closes: #548844)
   * checks/menus.desc:
     + [RA] Change spelling tags to severity: minor and certainty: certain
       since there are few false positives but minor is the correct
   * checks/ocaml{,.desc}:
     + [RA] New checks for OCaml packaging.  Contributed by Stéphane
       Glondu.  (Closes: #528367)
   * checks/patch-systems{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Recommend DEP-3 in {dpatch,quilt}-patch-missing-description and
       reference the document.  Thanks, Raphaël Hertzog.  (Closes: #554025)
     + [RA] Allow DEP-3 headers in dpatch patches to satisfy the
       description requirement.  Thanks, Paul Gevers.  (Closes: #548640)
   * checks/rules{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Remove build-depends-without-arch-dep.  If the package only
       builds architecture-independent packages, the distinction between
       Build-Depends and Build-Depends-Indep is meaningless and there's no
       reason, even pedantically, to worry about the separation.  Thanks,
       Charles Plessy.  (Closes: #552200, #555667)
     + [RA] Add a new check for DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_DEBIAN_CONTROL = yes.
       Thanks, Nelson A. de Oliveira.  (Closes: #557120)
   * collection/ar-info{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Collects the results of ar t on all *.a files, used by the new
       OCaml checks.  Contributed by Stéphane Glondu.
   * collection/override-file:
     + [RA] Check debian/source/lintian-overrides before
       debian/source.lintian-overrides for source package overrides.
       Thanks, martin f krafft.  (Closes: #554617)
   * data/debhelper/*:
     + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.
   * data/fields/{perl-provides,virtual-packages}:
     + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.
   * data/files/fonts:
     + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.
   * data/output/ftp-master-{non,}fatal:
     + [RA] New data files listing tags that may result in an automated
       upload reject.
   * doc/lintian.sgml:
     + [RA] Document debian/source/lintian-overrides as the new preferred
       location for source overrides.
   * debian/control:
     + [RG] Add Raphael Geissert to Uploaders.
     + [RA] Add ${misc:Depends} to dependencies.
   * debian/copyright:
     + [RG] Add Raphael Geissert to maintainers.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Add options --suppress-tags and --suppress-tags-from-file to
       completely suppress the given tags.
     + [RA] Support comments and blank lines in --tags-from-file files.
     + [RA] Run the check modules in sorted order.
     + [RA] Create a global Lintian::Tags object and use it instead of
       setting variables in the Tags namespace.  Move display level code
       from here to Lintian::Tags.  Adjust calls for the new Lintian::Tags
     + [RA] Add option -F or --ftp-master-rejects which only checks tags
       that could result in an automatic upload reject.
   * frontend/lintian-info:
     + [RA] Add -h/--help option.  Patch from gregor herrmann.
       (Closes: #558214)
   * lib/Lintian/
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Tags instead of Tags.
   * lib/Lintian/
     + [RA] print_tag() now takes an additional argument containing
       override data and expects a Lintian::Tag::Info object as the tag
       info instead of a hash.
     + [RA] Adjust for the renaming of pkg in the file information hash.
   * lib/Lintian/Output/*.pm:
     + [RA] Adjust for print_tag() and file information hash changes.
   * lib/Lintian/Output/
     + [RA] Rewrite to be more readable and fix the tags attribute for
       overridden experimental tags.
   * lib/Lintian/
     + [RA] Fix bugs in unparse() and duplicates() that caused duplicates()
       to crash when processing duplicates between an alternative and a
       regular package.  Thanks, Jonathan Yu.  (Closes: #559625)
   * lib/Lintian/Tag/
     + [RA] Add a code method that returns the tag code corresponding to
       the severity and certainty for a tag, based on get_tag_code from
     + [RA] Add certainty, severity, and tag accessor methods.
     + [RA] Add a method saying whether a tag is experimental.
     + [RA] Record the check script corresponding to each tag and add an
       accessor method for it.
     + [RA] Add a sources method returning a list of sources referenced by
       a tag, based on the get_tag_source method from
   * lib/Lintian/
     + [RA] New module in a proper namespace replacing  A global
       Lintian::Tags object replaces the static variables in the Tags
       namespace, with new accessor functions, except for the tag metadata
       functions (which have moved to Lintian::Tag::Info).  All handling of
       display levels is now here instead of in frontend/lintian.
     + [RA] Support suppressing a list of tags.
     + [RA] Suppress calling Lintian::Output::print_end_pkg for changes
       files, where we don't call print_start_pkg.  This fixes an unmatched
       closing tag in the experimental XML output.
   * lib/
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Tags instead of Tags.
     + [RA] Ignore all-caps words of five characters or less for spelling
       corrections, since they are probably acronyms.  Thanks, Michal
       Čihař.  (Closes: #556456)
     + [RA] Report the original word in spelling errors rather than the
       normalized form.
     + [RG] Detect some multi-word spelling errors.
     + [RA] Remove the als to also correction.  This is a word in several
       European languages, and the many hits on the archive are nearly all
       false positives.
   * lib/
     + [RA] Removed in favor of Lintian::Tags.
   * lib/
     + [RA] Consume all output from extracting the control file of a binary
       package before closing the pipe.
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] Document --suppress-tags and --suppress-tags-from-file.
     + [RA] Document format of --tags-from-file.
     + [RA] Document -F (--ftp-master-rejects).
     + [RA] Add ocaml checker script.
     + [RA] Add ar-info collection script.
     + [RA] Document the override locations in the FILES section.  Thanks,
       Jakub Wilk.  (Closes: #558649)
     + [RA] Remove obsolete spelling checker script.
     + [RA] Mention /usr/share/lintian/data under FILES.
     + [RA] Clarify that errors are not necessarily policy violations.
     + [RA] Remove bug that Lintian doesn't handle packages with different
       binary and source versions correctly.  I don't believe this is still
       an issue.
   * man/lintian-info.1:
     + [RA] Add -h (--help).
     + [RA] lintian -i no longer pipes output through lintian-info.  Adjust
       the man page accordingly.
   * private/refresh-ftp-master-tags:
     + [RA] Script to refresh data about automatic package rejects.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [RA] Never use O as the code for the tag on the per-tag page even if
       all instances in the archive are overridden.  (Closes: #562630)
   * t/runtests:
     + [RA] Unwrap the Options field so that it can be continued.
     + [RA] Replace TESTSET in Options with the root of the test suite so
       that lintian options referring to files can be tested with files in
       the test suite directory.
     + [RA] Support a new Sort: no field in package test metadata to
       suppress sorting of lintian output, for testing output formatting.
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Command::spawn to run Lintian for package tests so
       that the lintian options may contain shell metacharacters.
     + [RA] Put all error output from lintian unsorted before the regular
       output, making it easier to diagnose errors.
     + [RA] Suppress checking the syntax of the lintian output if neither
       Test-For nor Test-Against are set and Sort: no is set.
   * unpack/list-{bin,src,udeb}pkg:
     + [RA] Support multiple versions of a package in the archive and
       include only the latest version in the Lintian package list.
   * unpack/unpack-binpkg-l2:
     + [RA] Report errors from dpkg-deb or tar on stderr if either exit
       with non-zero status.
   * unpack/unpack-srcpkg-l2:
     + [RA] Report errors from dpkg-source -x on stderr if it exits with
       non-zero status.  (Closes: #557717)
 58c4f3161b6a532ea052e4bb6620b19a242c45b0 1204 lintian_2.3.0.dsc
 88488391e8eccffad7a711c23a98157b87f1218f 776155 lintian_2.3.0.tar.gz
 608a627d5d3f3fbdd549a6f9571f6e527beb7570 496898 lintian_2.3.0_all.deb
 d748fd54aac5330409afbafed6314eefc5335814a172d9b311d55680f8446978 1204 
 b1d72773939b114e095a0b867704fc2f1d6522bb99fa276415e83be2dee64c7c 776155 
 8974ec84a50f18d45f6f21f099a6760e9d0b8798b5bd46f189a916525067ac8d 496898 
 ec18680d9e8e9fdffcad5d4982699172 1204 devel optional lintian_2.3.0.dsc
 30ac3bfd068e10a59a6eb804cf6ea184 776155 devel optional lintian_2.3.0.tar.gz
 8eb3dc8d10ae78d78a017fd73e13143c 496898 devel optional lintian_2.3.0_all.deb

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Package: lintian
Version: 2.2.17
Severity: normal

Hi dear lintian Maintainers.

we discovered an lintian error in the ffmpeg package and I would like
you to ask for advice on this issue:

Andres Mejia <> writes:

> Have you seen the latest lintian problems?

Andreas is talking about this error:

E: weak-library-dev-dependency
libavutil-dev on libavutil49 (>= ${binary:Version}) | libavutil-unstripped-49 
(>= ${binary:Version})
libavutil-dev on libavutil49 (<= ${source:Upstream-Version}-99) | 
libavutil-unstripped-49 (<= ${source:Upstream-Version}-99)
libavcodec-dev on libavcodec52 (>= ${binary:Version}) | 
libavcodec-unstripped-52 (>= ${binary:Version})
libavcodec-dev on libavcodec52 (<= ${source:Upstream-Version}-99) | 
libavcodec-unstripped-52 (<= ${source:Upstream-Version}-99)
libavdevice-dev on libavdevice52 (>= ${binary:Version}) | 
libavdevice-unstripped-52 (>= ${binary:Version})
libavdevice-dev on libavdevice52 (<= ${source:Upstream-Version}-99) | 
libavdevice-unstripped-52 (<= ${source:Upstream-Version}-99)
libavformat-dev on libavformat52 (>= ${binary:Version}) | 
libavformat-unstripped-52 (>= ${binary:Version})
libavformat-dev on libavformat52 (<= ${source:Upstream-Version}-99) | 
libavformat-unstripped-52 (<= ${source:Upstream-Version}-99)
libavfilter-dev on libavfilter0 (>= ${binary:Version}) | 
libavfilter-unstripped-0 (>= ${binary:Version})
libavfilter-dev on libavfilter0 (<= ${source:Upstream-Version}-99) | 
libavfilter-unstripped-0 (<= ${source:Upstream-Version}-99)
libpostproc-dev on libpostproc51 (>= ${binary:Version}) | 
libpostproc-unstripped-51 (>= ${binary:Version})
libpostproc-dev on libpostproc51 (<= ${source:Upstream-Version}-99) | 
libpostproc-unstripped-51 (<= ${source:Upstream-Version}-99)
libswscale-dev on libswscale0 (>= ${binary:Version}) | libswscale-unstripped-0 
(>= ${binary:Version})
libswscale-dev on libswscale0 (<= ${source:Upstream-Version}-99) | 
libswscale-unstripped-0 (<= ${source:Upstream-Version}-99)

I think this is an false positive. Let me explain:

 - there exists 2 flavors of ffmpeg. One is the regular set of packages,
   these can be found in the debian archive. Then there is an set of
   extra packages that are built against libraries that are currently
   not in debian. They are marked with -unstripped- in this lintian
   report, but this has already been changed to -extra- in git.

 - Both sets are supposed to be ABI compatible.

 - the version numbers of these package sets do no necessarily need to
   be kept in sync. They are different uploads and keeping them in sync
   is difficult.

In this situation, I think the error is overexaggeratd. What do you as
lintian maintainer think about this? Shall we add an override, or do you
think that lintian should be changed here? If the former, please
reassing and retitle this bug appropriately.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4
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