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Hi Cal,

On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 06:24:01PM +1100, cal wrote:

Way back in March there was a tentative probe on LAD soliciting
participation in packaging for debian-multimedia. Since then (and
prior to) I've been working on getting functional jack audio and midi
in ZynAddSubFX. The end result of that effort is a Linux only
derivative of Zyn known as Yoshimi<>.

While the original Zyn is a truly outstanding little synth, it has long
suffered from miserable performance with Jack. With yoshimi I've managed
to achieve functional Jack audio and midi, and added Alsa audio out
(useful for simple performance and rehearsal, perhaps even busking?).

Yoshimi has gained small but enthusiastic following among zynaddsubfx
users via LAU, so I figured it might be a worthwhile candidate for a
debian-multimedia package. Yoshimi uses a cmake build, so cdbs has
proved helpful. I've got it to the point where git-buildpackage is
mostly fine, but there's still a few points I need to refine. The main
one at the moment is - why doesn't git-buildpackage pick up&&  include
the man page?

Perhaps this might be the place to seek guidance. Hope so.

cheers, Cal
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