I'm not sure you saw my message on LAD, so here it is again:

rosea grammostola wrote:

The development version of Qjackctl seems to have (partial) jackdbus support now. I have jackd (--classic) and jackdbus (--dbus) on my system without big problems. The only problem you can get it when you stop an certain 'studio' in Ladish, some apps seems to autolaunch jackd, and a running jackd prevents jackdbus to be started. I suggested the Ladish developers to implement some kind of mechanism which tracks if jackd is running when jackdbus/ladish can't be started.

But I suggest you to enable both --classic and --dbus for Debian, along with the latest qjackctl with jackdbus support, so people can use jackd and jackdbus.
Maybe it's also good to package Ladish. It looks like it has more potential then LASH, it is at least more active:



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