On Do, Jan 07, 2010 at 17:38:24 (CET), Andreas Marschke wrote:

>> > The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
>> > commit 15180ee4bca33277b82c732046b77dd518109ac3
>> > Author: Ryan Kavanagh <ryana...@kubuntu.org>
>> > Date:   Fri Jan 1 21:18:04 2010 -0500
>> >
>> >     Imported Upstream version 1.0~beta3
>> This is not how to use git packaging branches.
>> The common practice is to update the 'upstream' branch and then merge
>> into the master branch. Importing it directly into the master branch
>> makes it very difficult to track what has changed upstream and thus,
>> misses totally the point of packaging branches.
> Hi, 
> I think this was my fault. Sorry.
> I had uploaded the 1.0~beta3 to a separate branch called beta3 in the debian 
> repository. 
> Should I had been calling it 'upstream' and basically from time to time pull 
> the changes from bangarang master on gitorious?
> If not please be so nice and provide a link to the proper usage. I would 
> really appreciate it. 

There is quite a lot of documentation on how to use git with packaging.
The git-buildpackage manual is even linked from our wiki pages.

I think the confusion here is because for the bangarang package it was
decided to use the upstream branch directly? (Hm. Looking more closely
at the branch, this does not seem to be the case, but your email makes
me believe so, let's assume that you did so anyway):

Tracking the upstream git branch is probably best if you are active in
upstream as well and/or want to track each and every upstream
commit. For most package we have in our team, this is way to verbose to
follow. For this reason we import upstream release tarballs instead in
the 'upstream' branch. This way the changes between two upstream
releases can be examined by looking at the commitdiff.

For your last question, I think you should not "pull the changes from
the bangarang master on gitorious" at all.  Instead, import the upstream
tarballs with 'git-import-orig', which will create commits in the
'upstream' branch easily. Preferably with the --pristine-tar option,
which will update the 'pristine-tar' branch automatically.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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