Hi everyone,

I'm the Debian and Ubuntu package maintainer for LiVES (source package
name: lives), a very popular video editing suite, and am thinking
about joining the pkg-multimedia-maintainers team (if you'll have
me!). The latest upstream version (1.1.8) is in Debian unstable (due
to migrate to testing in 9 days) and a sync request to sync it to
Ubuntu lucid has just been ACK'd by an Ubuntu MOTU (thanks Alessio!).
There are no known bugs in Debian or Ubuntu that aren't fixed by
1.1.8-1. 1.1.8-1 fails to build on mips, mipsel and sparc, but AFAICT
(please correct me if I'm wrong) that's due to a dependency problem
with libgtk2.0-dev. I've been maintaing LiVES for Debian and Ubuntu
since I took over from Gürkan Sengün in July last year, at the release
of version 1.0.0. My version was the first to be uploaded to Debian,
and the first to be synced to Ubuntu (although a version already
existed on GetDeb).

At the moment I don't use git for a VCS, but I'm planning to start
using it for the next version. At
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia/DevelopPackaging it says quilt
needs to be used for patch management, however at the moment I
currently use dpatch. Is this okay, or will I need to change to quilt?
If my membership is accepted, I'll change the maintainer field to
Debian Multimedia Maintainers
<pkg-multimedia-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>. The only patch
in LiVES at the moment does not currently have a DEP-3 compliant
header, but I'll fix that for the next version.

I've joined both the pkg-multimedia-maintainers and
pkg-multimedia-commits mailing lists, and are pretty familiar with
managing bugs in Debian (I haven't done that much of it, but for some
examples look at the closed bugs for lives). I also agree to review
other's work. I have an alioth account - username is hrickards-guest.


Harry Rickards - ha...@linux.com
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