On Mo, Jan 11, 2010 at 22:42:26 (CET), Harry Rickards wrote:

> I have a few questions about sponsoring within the team.
> 1. If I have a previous sponsor should I continue to use them as a
> sponsor, or should I ask for sponsors within the team?

I'd say as you prefer. We are rather short on uploaders, so if you have
a more active alternate sponsor, feel free to ask him. Maybe he is even
interested in joining our team himself?

> 2. Should I still upload packages to mentors.debian.net, or should I
> just give a link to Git?

For team collaboration I think it is crucial to be able to create the
source package easily from our team repository. Therefore, I don't see
the need for mentors.debian.net.

> Thanks for any help (and apologies for the numerous amount of commit
> emails sent to pkg-multimedia-commits this evening!)

no problem.

In fact, you I would have prefered even more mails by even more focused
commits. The reason is that smaller commits are easier to revert if it
turns out that a commit wasn't correct. (but this may be my personal
preference and arguably rather pedantic).

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