Package: jackd
Version: 0.118+svn3796-1


jackd in lenny includes an init script /etc/init.d/jackd, while jackd
in sid does not (see bugs #527642, #528851).  I understand from those
bug logs that this is intended, and users or programs are supposed to
start jackd themselves as needed, using the same command line the init
script used.

Okay.  But how was I supposed to learn this?

Probably there should be some mention of this in NEWS.Debian.gz, to
help others upgrading from lenny to squeeze.

Ideally, such an entry would explain how to use jack on a system that
also includes programs using libasound.  One way used to be to enable
the init script so jackd is always running, and then tell pulseaudio
to use jack as a backend.  Now, should one kill the system sound
server and any applications that need it before using jack?  I guess
so: if I understand correctly, something like that is what the Fedora
jack maintainers recommend.  Some of their documentation could help
with this.

(Also, I don’t think /etc/default/jackd is needed any more.)


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