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  RT> It seems that the fusd-kor package is currently in a pretty bad
  RT> state. I'm wondering how to proceed with this package. I see the
  RT> following options:

  RT>  a) fix it, move it to pkg-multimedia umbrella
  RT>  b) orphan it, move it to QA team/collab-maint
  RT>  c) request its removal from the debian archive

  RT> I understand that your time is rather limited these days, so I think a)
  RT> is not really an option unless someone else from pkg-multimedia steps up
  RT> and supports fusd-kor.

  RT> My personal opinion: since oss is deprecated and fusd-cor upstream looks
  RT> rather dead (no news since may 2007 on the website), I'd vote for c).

Indeed fusd-kor (which is used by oss2jack) is not very useful
anymore. I believe all major distributions are dropping OSS support at
all, and the jack ALSA plugin combined with the snd-oss module can do
job. Luckily there are very few OSS-only applications these days, mainly
legacy non-free ones I'd say.

So all in all, I agree we should request its removal from Debian, and
I'll do it shortly if nobody objects or wants to take over its

Thanks for bringing this up. Ciao!


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