Thanks Rémi. The VLC player was fixed for a while. However for the last couple of weeks it has been badly broken. The player starts and then shuts down immediately upon trying to play a video. If I click on a video in Dolphin, vlc starts then shuts down. If I open vlc, I can then open a video or disc but vlc still shuts down when it starts to play it.

It doesn't seem to matter which codec the video uses. I'm not having the problem with mplayer or kaffeine, just with vlc.

The problem doesn't happen with OpenGL output however. It's just with default, x11 and xVideo Extension but not with OpenGL (I haven't tried the others ).

OpenGL output still gives the monochrome output in the left 20 - 25% of the window, with garbage in the rest - the picture is squeezed into the left part of the window. This could be an issue with ATI's OpenGL implementation but it's been a consistent problem for a long time. This makes me wonder if VLC shouldn't be adjusted to work with it.

Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
fixed 522825 1.0.3-1

Le lundi 6 avril 2009 22:31:40, vous avez écrit :
Package: vlc
Version: 0.9.8a-3
Severity: important

The new version of VLC works on Squeeze but I'e stopped using it because
it is basically useless.

The separate control and video windows can't be turned off,

This is fixed nowadays.

the video window doesn't remember where it was the last time it was opened,

Fixed too.

the playback speed controls are missing,

+ and - keys.

the video seems to use more resources / is choppier than in the previous

Uh? The rendering pipeline has not changed much from 0.8.6 to 0.9.8, contrary to the UI.

the new control bar has ugly icons, etc..

This is highly subjective, and I don't think the Debian BTS is the right venue for such points.

However the problem I'm complaining about is
that the tools | preferences don't seem to do anything.

They behave just like they did in 0.8.6. For most settings to apply, you need to stop the current playback and restart. This is not new.

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