Kurt Roeckx wrote:
> > It seems that when vlc 1.0.4-2 was tried on mips and mipsel some
> > packages were not installable or the chroot was in a bad state.
> > 
> > So could you give back vlc on mips and mipsel
> > 
> > gb vlc_1.0.4-2 . mips mipsel
> The reason why it failed still isn't resolved.  Giving the package
> back is not going to help at this time.  The buildd maintainers
> will probably take care of this themself since that are many
> packages in this state.

It was given back on mipsel and built fine today. So if the problem was
the same on mips and mipsel, could some one give back vlc on mips.

gb vlc_1.0.4-2 . mips



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