Before you read this rest assured I am well aware of the minefield that is
VST support in Linux!

As someone who builds and benefits from your work, I was wondering about
the libwine dependency in any VST related packages like DSSI-VST and LMMS.
My distro (AV Linux) uses the lamaresh repository Wine packages which of
course I don't expect you to support but I can't use your packages for
LMMS or even DSSI-VST without ripping out the existing Wine install. In my
experience libwine 1.0.1 has reduced abilities with VST plugins in
comparison to more recent builds of Wine and although I have noted the
there is a new "libwine-unstable" none of your existing VST related
packages will use it as a dependency.

Would it be possible to at the very least link to the libwine-unstable
packages or even better allow for regular Wine and Wine-dev packages to
satisfy the dependencies as well?

I wouldn't think that this is an uncommon scenario with many Debian users
let alone AV Linux users to be wanting to use the lamaresh packages
instead of relying on the very outdated libwine 1.0.1.

Lastly does the pkg-multimedia team have a donations link? I would very
much like to send some AV Linux donations (meager as they are) upstream to
the team in appreciation for this unprecedented effort in Linux multimedia
packaging, soon there will be no need for Multimedia-centred Debian
Distros at all. (perhaps that is your goal!?)

Regards -GLEN

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