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Am 20.01.2010 07:25, schrieb Reinhard Tartler:
  b) ask the wine maintainers to work on updating the outdated wine
     package in testing

It seems they are preparing to replace wine in sid with the development releases, at least in the long term:

No, and we'd probably wouldn't have neither the ressources nor
infrastructure to maintain donations, I think. What you could do,
however, is to talk to our DPL (lea...@debian.org) about making a
earmarked donation to Debian for pkg-multimedia purposes.

Very good idea. As a positive side effect this would direct the DPL's attention a bit more towards multimedia-related concerns, maybe.

Ultimatively, I think so, yes. However, we could always need more
manpower in form of package review and testing. Feel free to subscribe
to our mailing lists and share your opinion on our patches and packages.

As long as we have to face patent-related pseudo issues with some multimedia codecs we will never be able to *completely* replace all of the multimedia-focussed distros out there. But we want to come as close as possible to this goal, yes.


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