Picking up an old thread from October,
On Do, Okt 15, 2009 at 21:28:03 (CEST), Loïc Minier wrote:

>  Perhaps we should just go for a) and have a ffmpeg in experimental for
>  Debian next.  Not too handy for Ubuntu though, but we could have a PPA
>  there.

Now that we have ffmpeg with symbol versioning in unstable, I think we
can now finally start working on this.

I propose to start a new branch 'master.snapshot' and upload it to
experimental with a version number of e.g. ffmpeg_0.6~~svn20100123-1 or

However, I expect it to be stuck in new, probably for a very long time,
just like the mplayer package. I don't think this is a problem, because
we can still publish the package on alioth or somewhere.

>> Still, how often do we want to update such a snapshot package?  and
>> who is volunteering to keep it up to date?
>  I think how often as we like / see fit.  Sometimes gcc-snapshot
>  doesn't get updated for a while, but when testing of an upstream fix
>  is desired, a new one is just pushed for testing.

Thinking further on that, I agree that regular updates in experimental
are not really necessary. Instead I'm imaginging a cronjob that runs in
a svn checkout with the debian/ directory for experimental mounted in it
and uploads updated snapshots to a PPA for ubuntu.

Manual uploads to experimental would only be necessary if packaging
changes like soname bumps or similar occur in svn.

Since I don't see major drawbacks in this approach, I think I'll work on
such a package next and probably discuss this with the ffmpeg folks at

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