On So, Jan 24, 2010 at 12:44:31 (CET), Lionel Le Folgoc wrote:

> Hi,
> As discussed briefly with Reinhard Tartler on #ubuntu-motu, here is a
> proposed patch to add auto-detection of libopencore-amr{n,w}b into
> debian/confflags, and pass the corresponding licensing option
> (--enable-version3), in the same manner as --enable-nonfree.
> I've tested it against ffmpeg-extra in lucid[0], and it seems to work as
> expected (resulting libavcodec debs are linked to the extra libs). It
> probably needs some polishing as I've only tested a 'tainted' build
> (with faac & opencore-amr), not a 'normal' one.

thanks for your work on it. I guess this is also a request for having
this patch as is in lucid/multiverse. In this case, I think the patch
can be a bit simplified. Moreover, I think debian/copyright needs to be
amended to state clearly that the libavcodec.so library in that package
is explicitly and only redistributed under the terms of GPLv3. I *guess*
that this might be acceptable and practicable for ubuntu as well, as we
offer a GPLv2 licensed alternative in main.

Do you want to improve your patch?

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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