Am 25.01.2010 16:19, schrieb Reinhard Tartler:
Okay, I've now pushed my branch, it builds fine at least on my
laptop. Feel free to testbuild and comment on it.

It's still building but looks like it works fine. It should be built against the opencore-amr[nw]b packages on Debian, though.

If it works for you, feel also free to review the instructions for
updating the package to a new snapshot, perhaps some steps can be

Do you mean debian/README.upstream-upgrade? It reads quite well, but maybe it should be made more unambigous what the single steps are, e.g. by enumerating them. For example, the indented code in line 29 doesn't have anything to do with the step described in line 26, but rather with that in line 31.

As for uploading it to experimental, I think we could already do this,
but using it with binary packages from squeeze/sid will most probably
break until they have been recompiled against the version of ffmpeg
currently in unstable. Therefore I'd suggest to hold back this
updated ffmpeg package to experimental until the binNMUs have been at
least scheduled.

Let's wait for the binNMUs, we are not in a hurry. BTW, do you know if the binNMUs will be scheduled still before the current version has hit testing or just after that? I mean, because if we had binNMUed packages in both unstable and testing, we wouldn't break anything.

 - Fabian

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