On Di, Jan 26, 2010 at 13:35:17 (CET), Fabian Greffrath wrote:

> Am 25.01.2010 16:19, schrieb Reinhard Tartler:
>> Okay, I've now pushed my branch, it builds fine at least on my
>> laptop. Feel free to testbuild and comment on it.
> It's still building but looks like it works fine. It should be built
> against the opencore-amr[nw]b packages on Debian, though.

This would mean that we would need to redistribute the libavcodec
package under GPLv3. I guess this causes problems with packages with
incompatible licenses like GPLv2 (only) and similar.

I didn't think this really through, but if we find a solution, we could
already do so for squeeze, btw.

>> If it works for you, feel also free to review the instructions for
>> updating the package to a new snapshot, perhaps some steps can be
>> simplified.
> Do you mean debian/README.upstream-upgrade? It reads quite well, but
> maybe it should be made more unambigous what the single steps are,
> e.g. by enumerating them. For example, the indented code in line 29
> doesn't have anything to do with the step described in line 26, but
> rather with that in line 31.

okay, this reads to me that the file is already understandable
enough. great!

>> As for uploading it to experimental, I think we could already do this,
>> but using it with binary packages from squeeze/sid will most probably
>> break until they have been recompiled against the version of ffmpeg
>> currently in unstable. Therefore I'd suggest to hold back this
>> updated ffmpeg package to experimental until the binNMUs have been at
>> least scheduled.
> Let's wait for the binNMUs, we are not in a hurry. BTW, do you know if
> the binNMUs will be scheduled still before the current version has hit
> testing or just after that? I mean, because if we had binNMUed packages
> in both unstable and testing, we wouldn't break anything.

This is exactly why I sent the message to debian-release earlier
today. short: no idea, the RT needs to decide on that.

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