Am 26.01.2010 13:50, schrieb Reinhard Tartler:
This would mean that we would need to redistribute the libavcodec
package under GPLv3. I guess this causes problems with packages with
incompatible licenses like GPLv2 (only) and similar.

Do you know of an GPL2-only application that links against ffmpeg libraries (would be a silly idea anyway)? However, there was an approach pending to dlopen() the opencore libs at runtime. Have you heard any news from this?

I didn't think this really through, but if we find a solution, we could
already do so for squeeze, btw.

Technically yes, but you are right. We have to opt out any license issues that may occur first.

okay, this reads to me that the file is already understandable
enough. great!


This is exactly why I sent the message to debian-release earlier
today. short: no idea, the RT needs to decide on that.

Alright. BTW, I have asked lintian for its opinion on the new packages:
- The library packages are still missing symbols files.
- The libraries contain some typos, should we fix them?
- We have an unused override debian-rules-calls-debhelper-in-odd-order, which makes me wonder. We do indeed call debhelper commands in an odd order, but why doesn't lintian see this anymore?

 - Fabian

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