On Di, Jan 26, 2010 at 16:28:00 (CET), Fabian Greffrath wrote:

>> This could be a lintian bug, the whole situation maybe needs some more
>> thought: we generate the shlibs file twice: first time for the internal
>> dependencies, and then we regenerate them for inclusion in the
>> package. The point of this excercice is to have the 'internal'
>> dependencies more strict than 'external' ones. We have implemented this
>> so that we make mixing ffmpeg libraries with the ones from marillat
>> harder.
> Thanks, yes, I know the details. I have been "around" when this has been
> implemented. ;)
> I was wondering, because lintian once throw an error because of this
> hack. We have overridden it, because we called the commands in an odd
> order for good reason. Apparently this check has been removed from
> lintian or maybe lintian even likes the idea or whatever. ;)


>> Perhaps this should be documented in some comment, but the rules file is
>> already pretty convoluted as it is now.
> For people from the outside, who have a look at the package, however it
> will look somehow insane. I think a short comment (just the sentence I
> quoted from your previous mail above) would be enough to convince
> everyone, I guess.

please implement this comment in the master branch, I'm heading home now!

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