Looks like -ldl is still missing. ;)

It is needed to extend configure.ac and regenerate configure,
as shown in "Message #22 received at 566...@bugs.debian.org".

Also cleanup of debian/control, like

 Package: snd-gtk-pulse
 Architecture: any
-Provides: snd-gtk-alsa, snd-gtk
+Provides: snd-gtk-alsa [linux-any], snd-gtk

is needed.

It might be better to have only one -nox package named "snd-nox"
which will use ALSA on Linux and OSS on GNU/kFreeBSD.
AFAIK hurd does not have sound support.

On the other hand snd-gtk-jack might be usefull even on GNU/kFreeBSD.
Please, what are the preferences of maintainer ?


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