I want to join this team - if you will have me :-)

I have been a Debian developer for nearly 10 years, working on a wide variety of packages (I currently help maintain 100+ packages), some of them (atomicparsley, csound, unicap) multimedia-related[1].

Earlier today I contacted Robert Jordens and he suggested I take over his packages as he has lost interest in them. I am currently preparing new uploads of liblo and timemachine, but would love to do it in close coordination with you folks, so here I am! :-)

I notice that you use Git. Great - that's my favorite VCS too. I found no mention of CDBS however - I hope you won't mind me using that, as I do consistently across all packages that I am involved in. If you also are fond of CDBS then perhaps we can even share ideas for improvement: I am maintainer and "upstream" developer of CDBS.

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

[1] Those packages are currently maintained at the collab-maint area. If my co-maintainers agree, it might make sense to move them to this team.

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