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do you mind checking and sponsoring (if acceptable)


I've runtime-tested it a lot over the last six month. We shouldn't ship squeeze without calf, the must-have plugin collection for audio production. (ardour+calf is to audio what LAMP is to the web guys).

Ok, I have "looked" at it now, couldn't find any more places to tweak (or to obfuscate, depending on viewpoint :-) ), and have built a package ready for upload.

I'll simply upload as soon as I have done some minimal testing that it works on my machine. So *now* is the time if you want to hold back the release for whatever reason.

While waiting for acceptance in NEW queue we can then discuss what I did, and if perhaps some of it should be rolled back for future releases.

Bring on some more - I am in the mood! :-D

 - Jonas

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