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On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 06:46:18PM -0600, Scott Lavender wrote:

Has anyone from the Debian Multimedia team started packaging Hydrogen-0.9.4 at this point?

I'll do it!

That is fantastic!  Your help and initiative is greatly appreciated.

Do you have a projected completion date?

Uh oh, I actually thought I'd have it finished a few hours after posting my mail, but since then both paying customers and dear friends have distracted me :-P

If you do not see a new Debian release within 24 hours from now then please do ping me, as I might have then forgotten about this and need a reminder.

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 - Jonas


Exclellent that you write response below quoted text. Please consider improving even more by stripping the parts of quotes that you do not comment on. That improves readability (at the loss of history, but if that is a concern then I should preserve my earlier mails anyway).


It is mildly annoying that you cross-post to mailinglists which do not accept posts from non-subscribers. I have no elegant suggestion for how to deal with that, though - just telling you.

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