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On Tue, Dec 08, 2009 at 07:56:31PM +0100, Andreas Marschke wrote:
I had seen that farrer upstrean there is translation for bangarang. Should we wait untill next release to incorporate those in the next release or should this go in soon as possible?

If it should be soon as possible should we add another translations package or should this go directly into the bangarang debian package?

It is perfectly ok to include translations and other small improvements with little risk of not being accepted upstream later on.

It is also fine to cherry-pick pieces of upstream development not yet officially released upstream (e.g. tolled out as a tarball).

Just beware of the additional maintainance burden it imposes on the packaging, And remember to pass it on upstream! :-)

Some package maintainers choose to impose more strict rules on their packages to avoid the maintainance burden. As an example, the kernel team only include patches that have already been accepted upstream (preferrably in Linus' branch but I believe sometimes other branches are tolerated too).

I know from own experience that it can be quite bad to be too enthusiastic about cherry-picking: You risk ending up with a package that is too different from upstream, which might discourage upstream from working with you on integrating your changes - your work might be seen by upstream as somewhat a "fork" of their work rather than a distribution of it.

Hope that helps :-)

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